Armchairs are Comfortable Chairs for Your Office

How to sit properly in the office Many times we use office chairs incorrectly, adopting positions that can cause problems for us. This can cause you to get tired quickly, even cause several diseases, such as back pain. Therefore, doing sitting properly is one of the first steps to keeping you healthy. In addition, choosing a good armchairs is the next step. There are many types of armchairs, here you can find several references, such as


Armchairs lines 8000 and 9000

The armchairs of the 8000 and 9000 lines have a multilayered core, on which a padding is superimposed, making them comfortable office armchairs . They also have a tilting system to adjust the height, armrests and a high or low backrest.

Both have a contemporary style, soft and with soft, rounded lines, which will give your office an elegant and organic touch .

Fixed office armchairs – Armchair 8041 and Bahia armchair


Armchair 8041

Armchair 8041

Robust, sober and decidedly elegant , the 8041 line armchairs are ideal to complement the managerial or executive office as visitor chairs, without compromising the professional look of the office.


Bahia armchair
Bahia armchair

If an economical, fixed and durable chair is what you need , this Bahia fixed chair is ideal. It has a medium backrest and armrests. Upholstered in leather or ecocor in black.

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