Air Curtains Installation Advantages and Benefits

The curtains of cold air heat and ambient air are ventilation equipment that generates an imaginary wall that unfolds over the door managing to divide two different environments efficiently but without limiting the access of people or vehicles. Prevents the exit of air from an environment even though the door is open.

Another benefit of air curtains is the saving of energy, since its use reduces the use of heating appliances and air conditioners, protecting the indoor air conditioning and the well-being of those who are within that environment.

The installation of air curtains keeps the environment free of flying insects (flies, mosquitoes), dust, suspended particles, pollution, odors and stops cold and hot air currents.
Its operation is based on the speed of the air to cover the opening that can be with the ambient air or heated / hot where it makes the entry even more comfortable (in winter), allowing to maintain the temperature of the indoor environment.
Main Advantages and Benefits:

    They maintain the air-conditioned environment both in winter and in summer, achieving a comfortable climate.
    They keep the environment clean and prevent the entry of dust, fumes, flying insects (flies, mosquitoes), pollution, bad smells, etc.
    In the winter, the heat-cold air curtains move the hot air from the heating that is concentrated on the ceiling. This not only creates an invisible wall between the exterior and the interior, but also regularizes temperature differences.
    They substantially reduce air conditioning losses through the door, up to 80%, while increasing the comfort of customers and employees.
    They allow a clear view of the interior and are a kind invitation to enter without compromise with easy entry for disabled people or with baby strollers. The result is a greater influx of public and a significant increase in sales.
    The air curtains contribute to create a comfortable climate at the entrances and inside, protect from cold and heat, prevent the entry of drafts, dust, fumes, pollution and protect the entry of flying insects such as flies, mosquitoes , etc. in industrial, commercial, cold rooms, etc.
    They are easy to install. It is a simple and economical solution for a comfortable environment.

Where can the Air Curtains be installed?

The installation of air curtains is recommended in places where the entry of people is constant such as in supermarkets, shopping centers, airports, restaurants, cinemas, hotels, gyms, fairs, hospitals, clubs, cold stores, in order to achieve a Comfortable environment both in winter and in summer.

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