Aluminum Patio Furniture is a beautiful, inexpensive choice. Aluminum is both light weight & durable, and comes in a huge variety of designs. Aluminum patio furniture is available in complete dining sets, conversation sets, general patio and pool seating and is ideal for commercial applications. Entry level aluminum sets are found at most big box retail stores, while higher end aluminum patio furniture is found at specialized stores and of course online.

Creating Aluminum Patio Furniture

The initial design is created on computers using AutoCAD or a similar program, from this 3D computer drawing a mold is created in a CNC lathe machine. This is a machine that transforms a 3D drawing into a steel mold that’s then used to pour molten aluminum into the cast creating the arms, legs, back or the seat. These parts are then welded to complete the product. Depending on the quality of the pieces you’re considering they may be finished with either a powder coat or traditional spray on paint.

Aluminum Furniture Benefits

No rust is the biggest advantage – unlike steel or iron, aluminum won’t rust. Invest in a quality aluminum patio set and it could well last 20-30 years. Aluminum furniture can take just about anything Mother Nature can throw at it, rain, sun and heat, cold and snow – with no deterioration. Again depending on the quality of the set you have, the finish may show signs of wearing, so you’re better off spending a little more in the beginning instead of having to either refinish, or replace the entire set.

Since aluminum is lightweight, yet strong so you won’t have any trouble packing it away in your shed at the end of the season. Yes you could just bring in the cushions and leave it out in the elements, but for the amount of effort involved, we’d suggest you pack it away for the winter.

Style Choices

Aluminum furniture comes in a huge variety of styles. From traditional to trendy, and everything in between, your sure to find a style that you like. Also important to note is that aluminum patio furniture sets are available in mesh seating, or with cushions. Many sets are sold without the cushions and then you select the style of cushion that you prefer.

Aluminum Patio Furniture Care

This is the best part, aside from the cushions, you can just use a mild dish soap and brush or rag and give them a good scrub, grab the garden hose and rinse well. That’s what we call “low maintenance” if only everything were so easy.

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