For many people, raising pets is rewarding as it provides them with companions they can treasure for life. But the responsibilities wrapped in the decision of sheltering animals can be as overpowering as its rewards. Aside from feeding their furry friends, pet owners should also make sure that the critters they swore to love are in a safe place.

One way to ensure this is through wisely picking out home furniture.

Choosing furniture pieces made of leather, for example, can help in minimizing the mess left by the pets. Pet fur doesn’t get stuck on leather, and the fact that this material can be easily wiped clean means that the living area can be made more sanitary than pet homes without leather furniture.

Furniture pieces made of microfiber—or other fabrics that are tightly weaved—are also ideal choices as they are mostly scratch-resistant.

As for the functionality of home furniture pieces, decorators may opt to purchase items that serve two (or more) purposes. A night stand that also acts as a dog crate and a rocking chair with separate spaces for both the owner and the pet—having these kinds of furniture proves that raising animals does not necessarily mean extra clutter in the house.

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