The Roots of Victor Klassen’s Inventive Exterior Doors and Furnishings

Victor Klassen was raised in a residence of fifteen, on a farm in rural Manitoba. One of his cherished young reminiscences found him dashing to the shop the minute his chores were complete to design detailed sailboats for use on the back pond. His love of design and style appeared very early, and at nineteen he left for the University of Nigeria when his involvement in sculpture was begun.

Poverty forced Victor Klassen to expand his style and design techniques, and forced him to blend the elaborate with the useful. But, soon enough he’d identified a market for his exceptional furniture.

This innovative project has since turn into a union of the artist’s newfound ideas and the materials he worked with. While many woodworkers saw their materials into straight units – this being the simplest way in which to use woodworking tools – but Victor was keenly setting up a totally different and radical method.

Victor still draws ideas from the shapes of the outdoors, and often plays with completely new techniques. He is the artistic advisor behind The Victor Klassen Collection, and is also interested in commissions as well as other custom work. To find the rest of his stunning designs and styles and art work, please see for the whole catalog, and specifics about tailor made designs.

Victor Klassen has always placed the quality of his art as his biggest concern. The exceptional model in our pieces has much to do with his ever-evolving skill in building with the materials he so values. Ours is a modest family of devoted and skilled artisans who have worked with us over many years – in some cases decades – continuously working at the skill of Victor’s visionary designs.

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