While personal choice and preference dictate what we like or don’t like, wooden patio furniture offers something completely unique from metal forms of furniture. There’s something that draws us in, a feeling of warmth, and natural beauty that simply can’t be achieved with metal. Metal seems cold and hard, while wood feels more natural, and comfortable.

Types of Wood Patio Furniture

While teak was once the most commonly used material, consumers are driving manufacturers to use something more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Enter eucalyptus and Shorea wooden patio furniture. The Shorea and eucalyptus lumber is harvested in a more eco friendly manner making it more sustainable then teak.

Cost is also a large factor – due to the scarcity of Teak, the cost is more then double that of the eucalyptus or Shorea. Shorea and eucalyptus wood also takes paint and staining very well, have incredible grain patterns, stand up to all sorts of weather conditions, are resistant to termites and other wood boring insects, and look great.

Wood Patio Furniture Styles

There are just as many wooden patio sets styles as there are metal – so you’re not going to have any trouble finding a style that you like. Wooden patio furniture isn’t as ornate as say wrought iron, but the two types of patio furniture are so different that most people seeking ornate aren’t likely to even be considering wood anyways, so that’s ok.

In wooden patio furniture you’ll find modern, contemporary, traditional, and many other styles, so have a look through the styles and see what catches your eye.

Quality and Pricing

As with the other types of patio furniture – you get what you pay for. Cheap wooden patio furniture (anything under $350.00), will likely be pine, finished with a clear lacquer that doesn’t stand up to the weather all that well. As you go up in price you’ll not only find more appealing styles, but the type of wood is better as well. You’ll find a lot of teak wood patio furniture out there, but it’s very expensive and doesn’t stand up any better then the two wood types mentioned in the above paragraph, so as long as you can find a style you like in the other wood types, you’ll save a lot of money.

Wood is going to be more expensive then most of the metal sets, but then wood is different, and those of us that want wood, are willing to spend a little more to get it.

Other issues to be aware of is the quality of construction. Since everything is either screwed and glued with wooden patio furniture, the overall construction method is more important then with metal sets. Wood isn’t welded, making it more susceptible to breakage. Again, you get what you pay for, so if you’re considering a wooden patio set, then you’d be well advised to spend a little more upfront and get something of better quality – not only will it look better, but it will last much longer.

Caring for Wooden Patio Furniture

Wood is definitely more susceptible to weather then that of metal furniture. wooden sets need to be stored away, indoors, preferably in a temperature controlled environment. This will prevent excess drying and ultimately splitting and cracking of the wood. Invest in a good patio set cover, so that in the summer you can cover it while it’s not being used, or at least when it’s raining or when it’s super hot.

To clean your wooden patio furniture, you can just use a mild soap and warm water, washing with a decent soft cloth, then rinse with the garden hose and dry with a soft towel. Yes wooden patio furniture requires more care then metal sets, so you need to make sure you’re willing and able to properly care for it.

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